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Ian A. Frederick 



Born in Bogotá, Colombia to a Colombian mother and an American father, Ian A. Frederick Obregón won the 2014 National Prize of Music in Composition by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, Joliet Symphony Orchestra Composition Competition (2nd Prize – 2015), and the Festival Internacional UniMúsica Composition Competition in Colombia (1st Prize – 2013). Commissioners and performers of his music include the Frankfurt Radio Symphony (conducted by Andrés Orozco-Estrada), National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia (condcuted by Baldur Brönnimann), Quatuor Diotima (France), Manolov String Quartet (Colombia), percussionist Leszek Lorent, and pianist Mauricio Arias, among others. In 2023, he wrote the music for the theater production of Hamlet for Teatro Libre in Bogotá. He has worked with director Alyn Darnay writing the music to his films Boxed, Immunity (filmed at Gold Coast Studios in New York staring Rena Sofer), and the comedy Krissy Belle.

His work has been presented at the main concert halls in Colombia, the Colombian Embassy in China, the Action On Film International Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA), Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, Long Island International Film Expo, Big Apple Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Fort Myers Beach Film Festival, Bogotá International Music Festival, Radziejowice Castle (Poland), Alte Schmiede Gallery (Vienna, Austria), II Youth Piano Competition of Panama, Sydney, Australia, and in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. More recently, his piano work Catrina was included on the album ¡Colombia Viva! by pianist Mauricio Arias (Toccata Classics).

He received a doctorate in composition from the University of Michigan, a master’s degree from Ohio University, and an undergraduate degree from Corpas University (Colombia). His mentors have been Bright Sheng, Michael Daugherty, Paul Schoenfeld, Mark Phillips, and Jorge Pinzón. He attended the International Course for Composers SYNTHETIS in Radziejowice, Poland, studying with Zhou Long, Philippe Manoury, Simon Steen-Andersen, Martijn Padding, and Pawel Hendrich. He engaged in summer study at Northwestern University, and studied composition with Stephen Syverud, Jonathan Kirk, and Robert Reinhart. He has attended master classes with Avner Dorman, Augusta Reed Thomas, Steven Bryant, and David Lang, among others.


Biografía Español:

Ian A. Frederick Obregón ganó el Premio Nacional en Composición, Obras Para Orquesta Sinfónica del Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia en el 2014. Ganador del 2o puesto del Joliet Symphony Orchestra’s Composition Competition (EE.UU.), y el 1er premio de composición del Festival Internacional UniMúsica (Bogotá). Sus obras han sido tocadas bajo ensambles tales como la Orquesta Sinfónica de la Radio de Frankfurt (Alemania), Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia (tres veces), Quatuor Diotima (Francia), y Cuarteto Manolov (Colombia), entre otros. En 2023, compuso música para Hamlet del Teatro Libre en Bogotá (bajo la dirección de Ricardo Camacho).

Su música se ha escuchado en los principales auditorios de Colombia, así como en Australia, Austria, China, Estados Unidos, Polonia, Rusia, y Panamá. Ha colaborado con el director Alyn Darnay y con otros directores componiendo música para varias películas independientes.

Estudió composición en la Universidad de Míchigan (doctorado), Universidad de Ohio (maestría), & la Universidad Corpas en Bogotá (pregrado). Sus principales mentores han sido Bright Sheng, Michael Daugherty, Paul Schoenfeld, Mark Phillips, y Jorge Pinzón. Participó en el curso International Course for Composers SYNTHETIS en (Radziejowice, Polonia), estudiando con Zhou Long, Philippe Manoury, Simon Steen-Andersen, & Martijn Padding. En el 2005, estudió improvisación en el curso de verano de Northwestern University y estudió con los compositores Robert Reinhart y Stephen Syverud.


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List of Works

SubWound | unaccompanied tuba, 6 minutes (2018)

♪ Voluble Breath | unaccompanied clarinet, 5 minutes (2017)

  Gelastic Epilepsy | solo percussion, 3 minutes (2015)

  Visione | harp, 4 minutes (2008)

Catrina | suite in three movements, 7 minutes (2015)

Released in 2021 on the album, ¡Colombia Viva!, by pianist Mauricio Arias (Toccata Classics). Available on Spotify, and iTunes.

  Chaos | 4 minutes (2007) ♪ 106 | (2007) 5 minutes)

  Tres Pasos | suite in three movements, 7 minutes (2005)

Artopolis | string quartet, 8 minutes (2019)

Vermhelo | brass quintet; 8 minutes (2018)

♪ Tartería | violin & piano, 4 minutes (2018)

Frenética | septet; Fl, Cl Bb, Horn, Marimba, Vln, Vc, D.b, 8 minutes (2013)

♪ Revealed | miniature for saxophone quartet, 60 seconds (2013)

  Revelations | string quartet, 8 minutes (2010) ♪ Hollow Threads | 2 Fl, Ob, Cl Bb, Bsn, Hn. F, Tmp. Bb, electric guitar, electric bass, percussion, 7 minutes (2011)

♪ Violin Sonata | violin & piano, 17 minutes (2011)

♪  Spheres | trio; alto sax, cello, & piano, 6 minutes (2006)

♪ Reverie | string orchestra & timpani, 8 minutes (2020)

Commissioned by the Frankfurt Radio Symphony and conductor Andrés Orozco-Estrada

Translucidez | large orchestra, 7 minutes (2014)

Winner of Colombia’s 2014 National Prize in Composition

Pensamientos Ajenos | large orchestra, 15 minutes (2012) ♪ Passacaglia | chamber orchestra, 5 minutes (2013)

  Abandonations | educational/amateur string orchestra 6 minutes (2011)

  Nihilistic Voices | five movement suite: large orchestra, 22 minutes (2008)

  Passacaglia | wind ensemble, 6 minutes (2012)

♪ Boxed | short film; Alyn Darnay, director. Filmed in Miami, staring Laurel Levey (2021)

♪ Immunity | short film; Alyn Darnay, director; filmed at Gold Coast Studios, Long Island, NY and staring Rena Sofer and Stefano Da Fre (2016)

♪ Complex Water | short animation; Fernando Dueñas Peña, director (2016)

Horsemen | short film; Matteo Borgomanero, director; Miami, FL (2015)

Bummed Out | television pilot; Alyn Darnay, director; Miami, FL (2014)

  Krissy Belle | feature film; Alyn Darnay, director (2013; available on


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